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Title:  Night Shadows 
Author:  Theodore J. Cohen           
Publisher:  TJC Press 
ISBN:  978-0-9849209-3-8
Pages Kindle/EPUB
Genre:  Mystery

Title: Barberetta  
Author:    Greg McKinney              
Publisher:   Amazon Digital Services
ISBN:   978-1-62967-010-2
Pages 56, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:  Mystery

Title: Yucatan Dead 
Author:   D. V. Berkom            
Publisher:   D. V. Berkom
ISBN:  9781490963266 
Pages 248, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Mystery/Thriller



Title: God on Trial    
Author:   Sabri Bebawi             
Publisher:   Create Space
ISBN:  978-1491212035 
Pages 280, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Mystery



Title:  The Controlled
Author:  Becky Komant   
Publisher:   BK Press
ISBN:  978-0991811502
Pages: 292, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Fiction/Suspense


Title: Behind The Stained Glass 
Author:  Jeremy H. Johnson
Publisher:  Black Rose  
ISBN:  978-1612962054
Pages: 414, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Mystery



Title:  The Big Empty 
Author:  Ritch Gaiti
Publisher:  Sedona Editions 
Pages: 360, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Mystery


Title:  Someone Has Taken My Place
Author:  David Snow
Publisher:   CreateSpace
ISBN:  978-1480035485
Pages:  391, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:  Mystery

Title:  The Rage   
Author:  Temujin Hu
Publisher:  Badlander Publishing    
ISBN:   978-0-578-10800-1
Pages: 294, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:  Action/Crime


Title: Peach Creek
Author:  Adler Duncan
Publisher:   Create Space
ISBN:  147741732X
Pages:  252, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:  Mystery

Title:  Secondhand Sight  
Author:  Rocky Leonard
Publisher:  Each Voice Publishing       
ISBN:  978-0615691114
Pages:  420, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:  Thriller/Suspense

Title:  The Nose Knows  
Author:  Holly L. Lewitas 
Publisher: Wheatmark      
ISBN:  978-1-60494-737-3
Pages:   358, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:   Mystery


Title:  Portrait of Murder    
Author:   Rob Riley       
Publisher:   Orange Hat Publishing          
ISBN:   9781937165109  
Pages:  210, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:   Mystery 

Shore Loser 

Title:  Shore Loser    
Author:  Douglas Danielson     
Publisher:  Dark Oak Mysteries          
ISBN:   978-1610090353  
Pages:  230, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:   Fiction/Mystery


Title:  Dark Soul         
Author:  Don Castle
Publisher:  CreateSpace       
ISBN:   978-1468184976
Pages:  258, Paperback/Kindle 
Genre:   Mystery/Suspense


Title:  The Gateway to Hell    
Author:  Ray Mileur    
Publisher:  iUniverse        
ISBN:  978-1-47590-077-4 
Pages:   260, Paperback/Kindle
Genre:   Mystery


Title:  Marked Money         
Author:  Jack Shevlin   
Publisher:  iUniverse             
ISBN:   1462026036
Pages:  196, Paperback    
Genre:   Mystery



Title:  Unconditional Loss           
Author:  Orrin Lippoff & Mladen Solar
Publisher:  Unconditional Loss               
ISBN:  0615384048  
Pages: 468, Paperback  
Genre:  Fiction/Suspense


Title:  Chez Paradise          
Author:  Gerard Murrin
Publisher:   Robert D. Reed Publishers            
ISBN:  9781934759523  
Pages:  388, Hardcover  
Genre:  Fiction, Suspense

Title:  Perfect?                 
Author:  Jeremy Johnson   
Publisher:  Black Rose Writing               
ISBN:   9781612960043  
Pages:  182, Paperback 
Genre:  Fiction/Suspense   

Title:  Pecan Gap:  A Jake Somers Novel            
Author:  Don Castle  
Publisher:  CreateSpace      
ISBN:  1453726713  
Pages:  246, Paperback 
Genre:  Fiction/Mystery

Title:  The Left Side of The Stairs          
Author:  Julie Egert  
Publisher:  Aberdeen Bay    
ISBN:  9781608300389  
Pages:  296, Paperback 
Genre:  Fiction/Mystery

Title:  Big Sick Heart: A Detectives Seagate and Miner Mystery          
Author:  Mike  Markel  
ISBN:  9781602151222  
Pages:  213, Paperback 
Genre:  Fiction/Mystery  

Title: End Game: Irrational Acts, Tragic Consequences         
Author:  Theodore Jerome Cohen  
Publisher:  AuthorHouse     
ISBN:  9781456710026   
Pages:  192, Paperback & Hardcover  
Genre:  Mystery/Fiction

Title: Morning Mist of Blood         
Author:  Eric Wilder  
Publisher:  Gondwana Press     
ISBN:  9780979116537   
Pages:  241, Paperback & Kindle  
Genre:  Fiction/Western/Mystery

Title:  Grave Echoes: A Kate Waters Mystery         
Author:  Erin Cole  
Publisher:  AuthorHouse     
ISBN:  9781452070186   
Pages:  355, Paperback  
Genre:  Mystery  

Title:  Open Source: A Novel              
Author:  M.M. Frick  
Publisher:  Matthew M. Frick    
ISBN:  9781453719985    
Pages: 336, Paperback & Kindle 
Genre:  Fiction/Suspense  

Title:  Death by Wall Street: Rampage of the Bulls           
Author:  Theodore Jerome Cohen  
Publisher:  AuthorHouse    
ISBN:  9781452078455    
Pages:  240, Paperback 
Genre:   Mystery  

Title:  Lost Relic Of The Gods        
Author:  Jeffrey A. Friedberg  
Publisher: Jeffrey A. Friedberg     
ISBN:  0615384927  
Pages:  421 Paperback & Kindle
Genre:   Fiction/Suspense/Thriller  

Title:  Unfinished Business: Pursuit of an Antarctic Killer        
Author:  Theodore Jerome Cohen  
Publisher: AuthorHouse    
ISBN:  9781452061771  
Pages:  234, Paperback/Hardcover & Kindle
Genre:   Mystery/Thriller  

Title:  Frozen in Time:  Murder at the Bottom of the World        
Author:  Theodore Jerome Cohen  
Publisher: AuthorHouse    
ISBN:  9781452002705 
Pages:  218, Paperback/Hardcover & Kindle 
Genre: Mystery  

Title:  Wet Dreams        
Author:  Douglas Danielson  
Publisher: Tsunami Press    
ISBN: 1439240590 
Pages:  198, Paperback 
Genre:   Mystery  

Title:  Betrayals of Hippocrates: Crimes Against Innocence        
Author:  Harry J. Saranchak  
Publisher:  Xlibris    
ISBN:  9781441542335 
Pages:  150, Paperback
Genre:   Mystery  

Title:  Art Damaged   
Author:  Nora Novak
Publisher:  iUniverse
ISBN-10:  1440167443
ISBN-13:  9781440167447  
Pages:  232, Paperback & Hardcover 
Genre: Fiction/Mystery

Title:  Dorothea in the Mirror: A Jill Szekely Mystery  
Author:  Lois Wells Santalo
Publisher:  iUniverse
ISBN:  1440190917
Pages:  234, Paperback
Genre:  Mystery

Title:  Ice:  A Novel
Author:  Linda Howard
Publisher:  Random House
ISBN-10:  0345517199
Pages:  208, Paperback
Genre:  Romance/Suspense