Title: Big Foot Adventures Down Under: Book One in the Series “Spirits Alive”
Author: Maggie Meyer
Publisher: XilbrisAU
Pages: 244
ISBN: 978-1-4797-4548-7
Genre: Fantasy, Juvenile Fiction

Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss

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Pacific Book Review

Big Foot Adventures Down Under is the first book in Maggie Meyer’s Spirits Alive series. Huge, ape-like men have become a thing of myth and legends; they haunt the mountains and open planes of Australia. These origins of these mysterious men can only be speculation, as their origins have become lost among the folklore. Could the creatures known as Yowies truly existed or are they a collaboration of myth, history and imagination? Kyle decides to take up his father’s search for these mysterious creatures after having a run-in with one of them. With the help of his sister Jodie and friends Dean and Phoebe, the teens set out to find the Yowies. During their journey they run into several other creatures thought to be of myths and legends. A strange accident sends the teens across the forest, leaving them separated and scared. They must rely on their own devices to find each other and the way back to the outside world.

This educational book is filled with interesting information and compelling evidence towards the existence of Yowies, another version of Bigfoot as the children in this novel explore the lands in search for the truth. Like many novels geared toward preteen and young adults, this novel focuses on the idea of finding strength within as well as among friends and family. Throughout the book the characters are relying on one another and play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It is very easy to find yourself lost in this adventure of intrigue. There is something readers of all ages would love and enjoy. It draws readers in from the very first sentence and holds their attention through until the very end, leaving them anticipating the next book.

Maggie Meyer masterfully creates a story that will capture the hearts of children everywhere, and will quickly become a classic. She weaves fantasy and history together to create an interesting world that readers want to become a part of. Children will pretend to be Kyle and his friends on their search for Yowies. Meyer has a vast imagination and has a way of bringing that to life in her action-packed novel. There are suspenseful moments that will keep readers on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen to the children. Big Foot Adventures Down Under is a quick, fast paced read that is easy to pick up wherever you left off. Not once will readers get lost or confused at what is happening.

This novel is perfect for fantasy or action adventure lovers of all ages. You are never too young to get engulfed in a tale of myth and legend that makes you wonder if the rumors are true. I highly recommend this book to be read especially for those who enjoy Jules Verne or other adventure writers. I can’t wait to see what Meyer has in store for readers in the next book!