The Music Therapy Profession: Inspiring Health, Wellness, and Joy

Title: The Music Therapy Profession: Inspiring Health, Wellness, and Joy Author: Christine Korb Publisher: PageTurner, Press and Media LLC ISBN: 9781643763057 Pages: 134 Genre: Music Techniques Reviewed by: Rae C. Bernard Read Book Review […]

Watercolor Batik

Title: Watercolor Batik Subtitle: An Artist’s Guide to Watercolor Batik on Rice Paper Author: Martha C.S. Heppard Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-4990-8090-2 Pages: 80 Genre: How-To-Book / Art Reviewed by: Martha Prouty Read Book Review […]

Encounters – moments of inspiration

Title: Encounters – moments of inspiration Author: Patrick Stull Publisher: Self-published, Art Works Fine Art Publishing ISBN: 978151364285-50095 Genre: Photographs Pages: 232 Reviewed by: Beth Adams Read Book Review […]

Color-Field Painting

Title: Color-Field PaintingsAuthors: Fiore Ai and Fleur YanoPublisher: XlibrisUSISBN: 978-1-5245-8912-7Pages: 74Genre: ArtReviewed by: Beth Adam Read Book Review […]

Between Tomorrow And Yesterday

Title: Between Tomorrow And Yesterday: Tripping Into Nowhere Behind Nothing Author: Ev’one-yaY Eulasson Publisher: Xlibris AU (January 17, 2017) ISBN: 978-1524558611 Pages: 190 Genre: Playwriting/Humor & Entertainment Reviewed by: Anthony Avina Read Book Review […]

Let’s Paint with the Master Artist

Title: Let’s Paint with the Master Artist Author: Dorothy Slikker Publisher: Readers Magnet, LLC ISBN: 978-1-948864-27-5 Genre: Art Instruction Pages: 71 Reviewed by: Barbara Miller Read Book Review […]