The Poet

Title: The Poet Author: Stephanie Harris Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-52467-027-6 Genre: Fiction/Thriller Pages: 196 Reviewed by: Joe Kilgore Read Book Review […]

Beloved Enemy

Title: Beloved Enemy: A Conflict of Love and Duty Author: Sheila Munds-Belbin Publisher: AuthorHouseUK ISBN: 978-1-4817-9267-7 Genre: Historical Fiction Pages: 242 Reviewed by: C.C. Thomas Read Book Review […]

Size Zero

Title: Size Zero Author: AC Moyer Publisher: Aurelia Press ISBN: 978-0997782233 Pages: 277 Genre: Fiction / Mystery Review: Joe Kilgore Read Book Review […]

From the Blue

Title: From the Blue Author: Paul Allen Roberts Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-50495-955-1 Pages: 318 Genre: Literary Fiction Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss Read Book Review […]

Happiest One!

Title: Happiest One! Author: D.C. Koh Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-52458-010-0 Pages: 262 Genre: Fiction Reviewed by: Joe Kilgore Read Book Review […]

Visions in the Dark

Title: Visions in the Dark Author: Iain Morrison Publisher: AuthorHouseUK ISBN: 978-1-5049-9255-8 Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Action & Adventure Pages: 272 Reviewed by: CC Thomas Read Book Review […]