The Poet

Title: The Poet Author: Stephanie Harris Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-52467-027-6 Genre: Fiction/Thriller Pages: 196 Reviewed by: Joe Kilgore Read Book Review […]

The Discovery

Title: The Discovery Author: Louis Kraft and Robert S. Goodman Publisher: Create Space ISBN: 9781519745064 Pages: 311 Genre: Medical Thriller/Legal Thriller/ Drama Reviewed By: Tiffany Ezuma Read Book Review […]

Red Sunset Drive

Title: Red Sunset Drive: A Ghost and a Cop Series Author: Jan Walters Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 978-1-53201-117-7 Pages: 411 Genre: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Thriller Reviewed by: Joe Kilgore Read Book Review […]

The Whyte Hinde

Title: The Whyte Hinde Author: Lizzy Lloyd Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 1524637602 Pages: 264 Genre: Thriller, Mystery Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss Read Book Review […]

The Sucker

Title: The Sucker Author: T Reddy Publisher: AuthorHouseUK ISBN: 978-1-5246-6322-3 Pages: 298 Genre: Thriller/Adventure Reviewed by: Ella Vincent Read Book Review […]

Crash Course

Title: Crash Course: To Hell in a Handcart Author: Alan Barrington Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-5246-3517-6 Pages: 282 Genre: Fiction, Legal Thriller, Mystery Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis Read Book Review […]