Understanding “Beasts” of Revelation 13

Title: Understanding “Beasts” of Revelation 13: A Prophetic View of the “End of Days” Author: Larry E. Ford Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC ASIN: B0784DRY2S Pages: 298 Genre: Non-fiction/Religious Reviewed by: Dan MacIntosh Read Book Review […]

The Finished Mystery II

Title: The Finished Mystery II Author: James Hunta Publisher: XlibrisAU ISBN: 978-1-5245-6215-1 Pages: 454 Genre: Historical Fiction/Religion, Spirituality & New Age Reviewed by: Jessica Schmidt Read Book Review […]

The Box Top to Life’s Puzzle

Title: The Box Top to Life’s Puzzle Subtitle: Explanations for the Mystery of Life Author: Marcus Hurst Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1-946801-73-9 Pages: 55 Genre: Self-Help, Christianity Reviewed by: Barbara Miller Read Book Review […]

Cold Case Closure

Title: Cold Case Closure Author: Patrick Ian O’Donnell and Charles O. Gaylor Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 9781546204046 Pages: 366 Genre: Crime / Mystery Reviewed by: Davis Bishop Read Book Review […]

The Secret of the Oak

Title: The Secret of the Oak Author: Bernadette Crespin Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 9781532023576 Pages: 464 Genre: Fiction Reviewed by: Susan Milam Read Book Review […]

Unintended Consequences

Title: Unintended Consequences Author: Janet Kay Swain Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN-13: 978-1-5434-6071-1 Pages: 200 Genre: Memoir Reviewed by: Jason Lulos Read Book Review […]