If Ya Wanna Know

Title: If Ya Wanna Know: Original Songs and Links to YouTube Woven into a Story of Suspense Author: T. R. Comstock Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-5245-3664-0 Pages: 48 Genre: Novella, Poetry, Music, Fiction Reviewed by: Beth Adams Read Book Review […]

A Time to Hear

Title: A Time to Hear: A Musical Stage Play Author: S.J. Knight ISBN: 9781514442142 Publisher: XlibrisAU Pages: 342 Genre: Fiction / Historical, Musical Drama, Musical Score & Lyrics Reviewed by: Gadelha Solomon Read Book Review […]


Title: Thorns Author: Marguerite Keiffer ISBN: 9781514400463 Publisher: XlibrisUS Pages: 88 Genre: Autobiography / Composers & Musicians / General Reviewed by: Dan Macintosh Read Book Review […]

The Picture of Music

Winner (Music) Title: The Picture of Music Author: Lesley Anne Sears Publisher: Raberdash Publishing Company ISBN: 9780615336459 Pages: 218, Paperback Genre: Music Reviewed by: Gary [...]

Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone

Title: Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone Author: Andy Anderson & Erika Celeste Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 9781449082860 Pages: 126, Paperback Genre: Music/Memoir   Read Book Review […]