Misreading Judas

Title: Misreading Judas – How Biblical Scholars Missed the Biggest Story of All Time Author: Robert Wahler Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1524627607 Pages: 205 Genre: Non-Fiction Reviewed by: Barbara Scott Bamberger Read Book Review […]

A Flame of Fire

Title: A Flame of Fire: A Story of My Own Identity and What It, Means to Be a Minority in Iran Author: Khalil E. Nikkhessal Publisher: Book Venture Publishing, LLC Pages: 122 ISBN: 978-1-946735-60-7 Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir Reviewed by: Susan Brown Read Book Review […]

I’m the One Pushing

Title:  I’m the One Pushing:  A Practical and Renegade Guide to Choosing Your Own Motherhood Adventure Author: Ivette García Dávila Publisher:  Zinnia Press ISBN: 978-0999013809 Genre: Guidebook, Pregnancy and Childbirth Pages: 404 Reviewed by: Jessica Schmidt Read Book Review […]

How Not to Succeed in Hollywood

Title: How Not to Succeed in Hollywood Author: Marissa Thomas Publisher: CreateSpace ISBN: 978-0692-92442-6 Pages: 436 Genre: Non-Fiction Reviewed by: Carol Davala Read Book Review […]

Box Office Philosophy

Title: Box Office Philosophy – Philosophy Articles on Hollywood Cinema Author: Robert Woolston Publisher: PhilOwl Press ISBN: 978-1975653620 Pages: 121 Genre: Philosophy Reviewed by: Barbara Bamberger Scott Read Book Review […]

You Can Change The World

Title: You Can Change The World Author: Richie Hrivnak Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-5245-8721-5 Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction Pages: 30 Reviewed by: Barbara Miller Read Book Review […]