Heaven and Earth

Title: Heaven and Earth Author: Arturo Riojas Publisher: Xlibris ISBN: 978-1-5245-4127-9 Pages: 398 Genre: Science Fiction, Allegory Reviewed by: Jason Lulos Read Book Review […]

Panther Across the Stars

Title: Panther Across the Stars Author: Lon Brett Coon Publisher: Fallen Leaf Books ISBN: 978-0999575819 Pages: 315 Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy/ Action & Adventure Reviewed By: Jennifer Weiss Read Book Review […]

Catching Raven

Title: Catching Raven Author: CB Tucker Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 9781543428919 Pages: 386 Genre: Fiction / Romance / Fantasy Reviewed by: Liz Konkel Read Book Review […]

Tom and Lovey

Title: Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon Into the Wood Author: G.R. Jerry Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC ISBN: 978-1-64069-712-6 Pages: 222 Genre: Horror / Fantasy Reviewed by: Thomas Macolino Read Book Review […]

The Shattered Trinity

Title: The Shattered Trinity: Book One of Ayun’s Trilogy Author: Mike Pearson Publisher: XlibrisAU Pages: 328 ISBN: 9781524562014 Genre: Science Fiction, fantasy Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss Read Book Review […]


Title: Liornabella: Book One of the Viridian Chronicles Author: A.E. Outerbridge Publisher: Tellwell Genre: Fantasy Pages: 340 ISBN: 9781773701189 Reviewed by: Ella Vincent Read Book Review […]