The Box Top to Life’s Puzzle

Title: The Box Top to Life’s Puzzle Subtitle: Explanations for the Mystery of Life Author: Marcus Hurst Publisher: Toplink Publishing ISBN: 978-1-946801-73-9 Pages: 55 Genre: Self-Help, Christianity Reviewed by: Barbara Miller Read Book Review […]

Random Acts of Writing

Title: Random Acts of Writing Author: Mark J. Molldrem Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-5434-4920-4 Pages: 136 Genre: Self-Help/Spirituality Reviewed By: Tiffany Ezuma Read Book Review […]

Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Title: Not Your Average Cup of Joe Author: Joseph Braithwaite Publisher: Tellwell ISBN: 978-1-77370-407-4 Pages: 113 pages Genre: Advice/Inspirational Reviewed by: CC Thomas Read Book Review […]

Proactive and Applied Resilience

Title: Proactive and Applied Resilience: The Sixteen Experiences Author: Glenn E. Richardson, PhD Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 978-1-5320-1392-8 Pages: 368 Genre: Self-Help / Personal Growth Reviewed by: Allison Walker Read Book Review […]

The Letter

Title: The Letter Author: Sylvia Atkinson Publisher: AuthorHouseUK ISBN: 9781467880824 Pages: 332 Genre: Family & Relationships / Divorce & Separation Reviewed By: Krista Schnee Read Book Review […]

Your First Step to Re-Create Your Life in Oneness

Title: Your First Step to Re-Create Your Life in Oneness: Awareness Author: Kayla Wholey, PhD. Publisher: Toplink Publishing Pages: 251 ISBN: 1504346394 Genre: Self Help; Personal Growth, Religion & Spirituality Reviewed by: Jennifer Weiss Read Book Review […]