Taboo Tabernacle

Title: Taboo Tabernacle: God’s Design & The Cultures Demise, One Man’s Journey from The Secular to The Sacred Author: A.W. Archer Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 9781532008993 Pages: 620 Genre: Religion Reviewed by: Dan Macintosh Read Book Review […]

Struth the Bloody Truth

Title: Struth the Bloody Truth Author: Iarn Pernell Publisher: XlibrisAU ISBN: 978-1-5245-6161-1 Pages: 110 Genre: Astrology/New Age / Body, Mind & Spirit Reviewed by: Ella Vincent Read Book Review […]

What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus

Title: What My Dog Taught Me About Jesus Author: David Ross Sherman Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-5434-2476-8 Pages: 122 Genre: Faith / Christianity/ Motivational & Inspirational Reviewed by: Beth Adams Read Book Review […]

The Strong Delusion

Title: The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam Author: John W. Milor Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 9781532014451 Pages: 402 Genre: Religion Reviewed by: Dan Macintosh Read Book Review […]

What is Man

Title: What is Man: From the World of Ro and Mo Author: Rohan and Mohan Perera Publisher: CreateSpace ISBN: 978-1540650306 Pages: 146 Genre: Non-fiction, spirituality Reviewed by: Lisa Brown-Gilbert Read Book Review […]

Revelation Ch:25

Title: Revelation Ch:25 – A Letter To The Churches From The 24th Elder Author: Edward K. Micheal Publisher: AuthorHouseUK ISBN: 9781524666866 Genre: Religion / Christian Theology / Eschatology Pages: 156 Reviewed by: Susan Milan Read Book Review […]