Travel Smart, Live Wise

Title: Travel Smart, Live Wise Subtitle: An Insider Guide To Healthy Travel Author: Stephanie A. Coleman Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC ISBN: 978-1948779586 Pages: 80 Genre: Health & Nutrition Reviewed by: Beth Adams Read Book Review […]

7 Hours to Sofia

Title: 7 Hours to Sofia: Challenges and Discoveries of a Peace Corps Volunteer Author: Louise Mae Hoffmann Publisher: Burning Daylight ISBN: 978-0-9897242-7-2 Pages: 359 Genre: Travel Reviewed by: Allison Walker Read Book Review […]

The Spiritual Wisdom of India

Title: The Spiritual Wisdom of India, Volume I: About my search for happiness and the truth in life with Indian gurus and palm leaf astrologers Author: Lisbeth Ejlertsen Publisher: AuthorhouseUK ISBN: 978-1524666552 Pages: 276 Genre: Travel / Asia / India Reviewed by: Susan Milam Read Book Review […]

Good Globe

Title:  Good Globe: Time for A Change of Hemisphere Author:  Shelby Simpson Publisher:  Drunk Publishing Inc., 2015 ISBN: 978-0996856607 Pages: 363 Genre: Travel, Non-fiction, Memoir Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis Read Book Review […]

Truth Lake

Title: Truth Lake Author: Shakuntala Banaji Publisher: Masala Books ISBN: 978-0-9933476-0-3 Pages: 280 Genre: Murder Mystery Reviewed by: Kathleen Logan-Taylor Read Book Review […]

Continental Drifting: Exceptional Destinations Around the World

Title: Continental Drifting: Exceptional Destinations Around the World Author: David Millett & Julia Buss Publisher: David Millett Publications ISBN: 1456507796 Pages: 234, Paperback Genre: Travel/Non-Fiction [...]