How do I order a review?  Go to our Purchase Your Review page to order the review package of your choice depending on the amount of marketing you would like to have.  Simply follow the clear instructions. You’ll be able to pay by credit card and can choose whether you’ll mail Pacific Book Review your physical book or email a PDF of your ebook.


Can I upgrade my package at a later time?  Absolutely, Pacific Book Review will prorate you the difference when upgrading your package.


How does Pacific Book Review help my book get seen by agents, publishers, booksellers, librarians and readers?  The experience and reputations of our managing partners within the professional book world immediately sets Pacific Book Review apart as a company of note.  We aggressively market our site through social networking, email marketing, publishing conferences, blogging, and other means. We email out a monthly newsletter to industry professionals, touting the best books we find.  additionally, we’ve designed our site so that the user experience is particularly satisfying to the markets self-publishers most need to reach. Each special interest group will easily find the type of books they are most interested in through our specialized searches and friendly, clear navigation.


Does Pacific Book Review read all genres?  Yes, Pacific Book Review reviews everything from poetry and genre fiction to religious studies and specialized how-to books.


Does Pacific Book Review endorse manuscripts?  Yes!  Many authors like to have an excerpt of the review on the front or back cover, or inside as a endorsement for their book by Pacific Book Review.  


Can I reprint the review for my own marketing or other uses?  Absolutely, when reprinting any part of the review, you must credit Pacific Book Review.


What if I can’t afford your services?   Ask about our payment plan. Please don’t let immediate funding delay the publicity of your book. We are here to help you!


Is my payment processed prior to the review running?  Yes, we must verify payment before reviewing your book.

What if I don’t want my review posted on Pacific Book Review or other sites?  We will honor the request of the customer to not have your review posted.  You just need to notify us at


What if I am uncomfortable about paying online?  All payments are processed on our secure website. This means your order cannot be read as it travels over the Internet, so your name, address and credit card information are secure.  However, you have the option to send us a check in the mail along with your book.  Please mail checks to Pacific Book Review: Attn. Nicole Sorkin, 2363 Dondero Court, Sparks, NV  89434.


 What if my book is extra long, will I be charged more?  Only if your book is excessively long to the point where it goes way over the reviewer’s schedule and the reviewer would need to write an even longer review for the book. Books that are longer than 500 pages with all text will be charged an additional fee based on how long the book is.


Will my billing statement appear as billed by Pacific Book Review?  Does the press release service guarantee publication in all of the media sites?  No, it will be under Pacific Communication Group a division of Pacific Book Review.


Will I be guaranteed a good review?  Our reviewers are experienced professionals who give honest, impartial evaluations of the books they receive. The resulting reviews can be positive (even earning a Pacific Book Review Star, one of the most revered designations in the industry), negative or anywhere in between. What we do guarantee is that you’ll receive a fair and unbiased assessment of your work and its potential in the marketplace. If the review is negative, you will have the option of keeping it private and simply using the assessment as feedback to improve your craft. If it’s positive, you will be able to use the review to market your book to consumers or to catch the attention of a literary agent or publisher.


Who will review my book?  We have a full staff of qualified, dedicated, professional reviewers who love reading and more importantly love to see you succeed as an author.  All of our reviewers have written for major mainstream publications or notable websites, worked as editors for respected publishing companies or have demonstrated expertise in the subject matter of the book.  We have qualified reviewers in each genre.


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