Title: Maya Rising (Last Call for Caviar, Vol.2)
Author: Melissa Roen
Publisher: CreateSpace
IBSN: 9781517157449
Pages: 360
Genres: Speculative fiction/ Romance

Reviewed by: Suzanne Gattis

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Pacific Book Review

In a world divided by the atrocities and tolls of war, it is matters of the heart that almost bring down our heroine, Maya, in this fast-moving and suspenseful sequel to Last Call for Caviar. Separated from her one true love Julian, Maya sets out on a dangerous mission to reunite with her soul mate. Accompanied by two badass French military paratroopers and armed and ready to shot, Maya marches into danger with the fierce determination to not stop until she is once again with Julian. Uniting with some old friends along the way also leads to some surprising twists and turns in this action packed romance.

The subject matter in volume 2, Maya Rising, is much darker than in the first novel. It was shocking to my system to see how much the world had deteriorated. It is the end of the world, the end of humanity, and morals and laws of the land have been cast aside. Rapes and murder are a daily occurrence, and that makes the reader mourn the world that once was. I did, however, like the premise that even during the darkest of times for our society, individuals still have individual lives, loves, and desires for the future, whatever that might be. It tests the strength and endurance of our heroine Maya, and driven by desire and love, she passes the test with flying colors.

Speaking of desire and love, this novel is full of it. While the world is more dangerous and hopeless, the sex is more passionate and alive than ever. Maya Rising is a sensual, erotic read that does not disappoint. Maya, and I as the reader, were caught off guard by the feelings Maya discovers for another lover, other than Julian, along her path. While the outside world rages, internally the mixed feelings for two men rage within Maya throughout this novel. The drama of who she will end up with grabs the reader’s attention and makes them wonder, “What if?”

Maya Rising is a very well-written, thought provoking follow-up volume for the series. It is necessary to read the first book first in order to understand the events and characters in this sequel. It is great to see our heroine master the challenges that are thrown her way in her quest for finding and ensuring the safety of her one true love.