Title: Whisper in the Wind
Author: Eolane
Publisher: AuthorHouseUK
ISBN: 978-1-4969-9274-1
Pages: 182
Genre: Fiction

Reviewed by: CC Thomas

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Pacific Book Review 

Author Eolane introduces a smart, young heroine in Whisper in the Wind. The main character, Amber Jewel is starting her adult life during the turbulent 70s and the struggle to be both an independent young woman and a beautiful, but submissive, model highlights for readers the very real challenges burgeoning feminists must have faced during that time period.

When the story opens, Amber is celebrating a new job opportunity at a theme park with her brothers. While there, she is approached by the FBI about a new job. Curious about such an impromptu meeting, Amber drops her old job and rushes off to Washington, D.C. to start a new career. Her overprotective brothers aren’t happy with her decisions and when they can’t talk her out of going, arrange for a military friend named Joe to shadow Amber in her new role.

Joe almost immediately falls in love with Amber, as do most of the characters in the book that come her way. Amber is described as charming and intelligent, as well as beautiful, and both men and women seem to fall under her spell and want to be near
her. Joe’s secrecy causes a real strain on their relationship and Amber chafes at many of his high-handed tactics. Intrigues surround Amber and the book is less of a romance and more a thriller as Amber is thrown into several dilemmas she has to find her way out of.

Whisper in the Wind follows Amber from a new and insecure young government agent into a fully mature and confident young woman. Along the way comes diversions in love, intrigues with friends and foes, and secrecies that threaten close relationships. Amber isn’t on her own, though. Throughout the story, Amber has visions of her ancestors and other spirits who come on the scene to warn her of danger and trouble and to help guide her onto the correct life path.

Eolane has created a very enjoyable story with a heroine that readers can really relate to. The challenges Amber encounters are both realistic—family tug-of-wars, confidence issues, romantic and sexual longings and love, including fantastic prophetic visions with supernatural gifts. Eolane combines these into a story that is both sweet and sassy. While much of the plot can be read as a surface tale and will provide enjoyment, the struggles that Amber encounters to have other people hear her voice instead of looking at just her pretty face gives real meat to the tale which will have female readers connecting more with Amber’s struggles and confidence issues. Amber grows so much, both professionally and personally; watching the growth was a real treat. Hopefully, this is just the start of a fun new series by Eolane. Amber’s personality and penchant for sniffing out trouble and romance is worthy of another installment.