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pic_bmp_promo2Nicole: Thanks for the nice work. I’ve had all positive reviews, but some groups (Kirkus) just seemed to skim the book and didn’t really portray it properly. Your review certainly indicates a thorough read and evaluation. Much appreciated! Professional, thorough, objective and most helpful in reviewing and promoting my book. Out of 5 services used, Pacific Book was the most complete and responsive organization. I highly recommend for all authors before considering other sources.
Bob Mack Peak, Writer & Producer
Rob-Riley-225x300Your book review immediately energized my publisher’s marketing efforts. Several people bought a book “on the spot” after reading the review, and it is being posted at myriad blogs and other locations. It helped seal the deal for a book signing with the top local mystery bookstore. All this was done within the first 10 days after I received the review. I can’t thank the people at Pacific Book Review enough for their most capable work.”
Rob Riley, Author & Detective
as00061Dear Nicole, I appreciate the insightful and marketable review. Please extend my thanks to Ms. Brown-Gilbert for her services. I will be in touch once the book is released (within the next few weeks). It was a pleasure working with Pacific Book Review, you have a personal approach that makes a customer feel they are in good hands.”
Amber L. Spradlin, Award-Winning Author

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 Pacific Book Review -actingCommercial Acting in L.A.:  A Session Director’s Guide

Title: Commercial Acting in L.A.:  A Session Director’s Guide
Author: Shaan Sharma
Publisher: 2014, Shaan Sharma
ISBN-13: 9780990408000
Page Count: 203
Genre:   Entertainment/Non-Fiction

Excerpt of review: Sharma’s final chapter offers helpful tips for parents who are interested in getting their children involved in commercials. He closes with a sample resume and social media links. While Commercial Acting in L.A. may zero in on actors in the Los Angeles area, there is no doubt that Sharma’s fine-tuned guidelines are incredibly useful for actors everywhere.  Read More


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Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers, 26 years of OCD, 2nd Edition

Title: Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers, 26 years of OCD, 2nd Edition
Author: David William Dahlberg
Publisher: Createspace
ISBN: 978-1502555540
Pages: 172
Genre: Mental Health/Psychology/Autobiography

Expert of review:    Author Dahlberg expresses a naturally fluent, knowledgeable, and friendly tone to his writing, making it easy to consider this read, thought stimulating, and memorable.  I recommend reading this tumultuous memoir not only for those suffering or their loved ones but also to anyone with a passing interest in a good human-interest story. Read More



Title: Backfire
Author:  Kenneth Ryan, Sr.
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 9781493116256
Pages: 198, Paperback
Genre: Thriller

Excerpt of review:  the book was a refreshing and quick read and will most likely appeal to older readers who will appreciate the novel’s qualities. Traditional in content and perspective, Kenneth Ryan’s novel, Backfire, provides readers with a tale that hearkens back to its romantic predecessors, thrillers with a strong, moral main character and a beautiful leading lady.  Read More



White Sleeper

Title: White Sleeper
Author: David R. Fett & Stephen Langford
Publisher: Synergy Books
ISBN: 9780984504022
Pages: 260, Paperback/Kindle
Genre: Fiction/Thriller

Expert of review:  White Sleeper is simply infectious! Just as the “little things” in the authors’ style lend itself to a memorable book, it’s the “little things in life” – those pictured on the cover under an electron microscope – which can kill you!  Read More


Pacific Book Review-8132543Crestmont

Title: Crestmont
Author: Holly Weiss
Publisher: Star Publish LLC
ISBN: 9781935188101
Pages: 340, Paperback
Genre: Fiction

Excerpt of review:  The Crestmont is a splendid work of fiction written by a once guest of the hotel, Holly Weiss, while she was looking at the furnishings, observing the details of the building and the grounds, and wondering just what types of people constituted its clientele.  Read More


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