Author Interveiw: Salar A. Khan, MD., MBA.

Title: Unlocking the Natural Born Leader’s Abilities: An Autobiographical Expose Author: Salar A. Khan, MD., MBA. Publisher: Xlibris ISBN: 978-1- 5245-9956- 0 Pages: 128 Genre: Biographies & Memoirs Interviewed by: Allison Walker Read Author Interview […]

Author Interview: G.R. Jerry

Title: Tom and Lovey: Under the Moon Into the Wood Author: G.R. Jerry Publisher: Book Venture Publishing LLC ISBN: 978-1-64069-712-6 Pages: 222 Genre: Horror / Fantasy Interviewed by: Thomas Macolino Read Author Interview […]

Author Interview: Emma Wright

Title: Prodigal Girl Author: Emma Wright Publisher: CreateSpace ISBN: 9781545387575 Pages: 314 Genre: Women’s Fiction Reviewed by: Anita Lock Read Author Interview  […]

Author Interview: Kaylin McFarren

Title: Twisted Threads Author: Kaylin McFarren Publisher: Creative Edge Publishing ISBN: 9781975921354 Pages: 373 Genre: Thriller, Romance Read Author Interview […]

Author Interview: Dean Zeviar

Title: A Poet’s Diary 1: Poetry, observations, and realizations on social realities Author: Dean Zeviar formerly known as Earnest Navar Williams Publisher: Xlibris ISBN: 978-1-5434-2535-2 Pages: 55 Genre: Poetry Interviewed by: Beth Adams Read Author Interview […]

Author Interview: Linda J. Falkner, LMHC

Title: The Accidental King of Achoo Author: Linda J. Falkner, LMHC Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 978-1532022036 Genre: Satire/humor/politics Pages: 107 Interviewed by: Barbara Miller Read Author Interview […]