Title: Twin River II: Have Weapons- Will Travel
Author: Michael Fields
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN-13: 978-1491744468
Page Count: 275
Genre: Historical Fiction

Reviewed by: Ella Vincent, Pacific Book Review



Book Review

Twin River II: Have Weapons Will Travel is a thrilling trip into history. The second book in a trilogy by author Michael Fields is a relentless action adventure in the seedy world of organized crime.

In 1966, Wesley Palladin (pronounced pall-a-din) learned the hard way about his father’s life as a contract killer. Years later in 1980, Wesley continues his father’s legacy when he’s hired by a teenager, Matt Henry, to be security of a bank in the rural town of Barree, Pennsylvania.  Once Palladin leaves Philadelphia and arrives in Barree, a lot of sinister events happen near the town’s Twin River.

Twin River II’s characters are complex and intimidating. Palladin is an engaging anti-hero as the hitman. Palladin is a relentless killer, but also listens to Paul McCartney, which humanizes him. Matt is a willing accomplice to Palladin’s actions in the novel. Matt’s transformation from bullied teenager to hardened criminal is chilling throughout the novel. The citizens of Barrie are so menacing, even Reverend Towers is a character that takes fiendish actions in the book.  Barree, Pennsylvania is a compelling character itself in Twin River II. The small town where everyone knows everyone has a rustic charm with wild hogs roaming around town.  The foreboding Twin River is a dark background that’s an ideal setting for the novel.  Readers can easily picture the barns and mountains around Barree with Fields’ descriptive writing. Fields paints such a clear image with his writing, the novel can easily be adapted as a mob drama similar to The Sopranos.

Twin Rivers II also benefits from Fields’ acerbic writing, which mixes brutally violent scenes with sarcastically funny dialogue.  Fields’ attention to detail in his fiction transports readers back in time to the 80’s. The references to the Philadelphia Phillies winning their first World Series and the classic comedy Caddyshack add authentic touches to Twin Rivers II. Readers can easily imagine the wide lapels on the gangsters’ suits or the Burt Reynolds-like mustache Palladin wears with Fields’ writing about the MTV decade.

Twin Rivers II is a novel perfect for adult readers who want a lot of intense action. Fans of intense small-town fiction by authors like Cormac McCarthy or crime fiction similar to Elmore Leonard will love Fields’ novel.  The book is part of a series that will keep readers eagerly awaiting Twin River IIITwin Rivers II: Have Weapons Will Travel is a book that will take readers on an unforgettable journey into the dark side of small-town life.

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