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2016 Full Results Listing by Category

Best Book Cover Design – Fiction

51eM6j7Ew7L._SL160_  Winner:  Ghosts from the Past – By: Erin Gilbert





Best Book Cover Design – Non-Fiction

41CyOFZeOML._SL160_Winner:  Born for This  – By:   Chris Guillebeau




Best Children’s Illustrated

512yapGe1uL._SL160_Winner:  Am I small?  – By:  Philipp Winterberg




 Best Debut Author

closer-coverWinner:  Closer to the Sun  – By:  Proz Prosper






Best Adventure
Run Towards1-BO1,204,203,200_Archons1_BO1,204,203,200_

1.  Winner:  Run Toward the Blazing Sun: Nightmare in Turkey – By: Tom Walker
2.  Finalist:  Archons: The Foundling – By: S.R. Herman




Best Biography
51fC45dW68L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_51LbCo5a4BL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_1.  Winner: Of Roots and Wings –  by: Wai Wai Myaing
2.  Finalist: Roger Ball!: The Odyssey of John Monroe “Hawk” Smith Navy Fighter Pilot –  By: Donald E. Auten




Best Business
Finance_BO1,204,203,200_Pacific Book Review -The Handbook of Small Business1.  Winner:  Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track –  By: Garrett Sutton
2.  Finalist:  The Handbook of Small Business – By: Dick Baynton





Best Children’s Books – General

1. Winner:  Scuba Zak Meets Thaddeus the Barracuda – By:  Alice Cypress
2. Finalist:  Too Much MacTiggle – By: Antionette Melendez



Best Children’s Picture Book
51bMmb7YocL._SL160_51eez-qSbKL._SL160_1. Winner:  Roll for Winnie (Team Golden Oldies – Volume 3) – By:  Lisa Domeny
2. Finalist:  The Bear and the Piano – By: David Litchfield & Frances Lincoln Ltd




Best Children’s – 5 and Younger
51bF2Y8qBBL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_51+ROKX6S4L._SL160_1. Winner: Sammi the Seahorse –  By:  Judith Shernock
2. Finalist: Tabitha Fink on a Mission to Mars- By: Rick Felty





Best Children’s – 6 and Older
51J53yxWJ+L._SL160_51s7-Wci0AL._SL160_1. Winner:   The Kid’s Herb Book-  By:  Lesley Tierra
2. Finalist:   Stephen Curry:  The Best – By: Dave Jackson





Best Composers & Musicians

41HnD2RmS7L._SL160_1. 414SWEekJwL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Winner:  The Musicians’s Way – By: Gerald Klickstein
2. Finalist:  Thorns – By: Margueite Keiffer





Best Crime
41OFftCLnrL._SL160_51WNBE8p+lL._SL160_1. Winner: Rude Boy USA – By: Victoria Bolton
2. Finalist:  A Run of Luck –  By: Wayne Overson





Best Education

 1. Winner:  Piecing It Together: A Systematic Approach Toward More Effective Language Therapy – By: Martha Frimer Cheslow
 2. Finalist:  The Way of Mindful Education –  By: Daniel Rechtschaffen




Best Fantasy

41la0kt9erL._SL160_51zJAMuitgL._SX342_BO1,204,203,200_1. Winner:  Blade Forged in Darkness – By:  M.A.N
2. Finalist:  Sunborn Rising: Beneath the Fall – By:  Aaron Safronoff





Best Fiction

book3KingFragile_BO1,204,203,200_1. Winner:  It’s Good To Be King (Until The Bell Chimes) – By:  David Lamb
2. Finalist:  Fragile Brilliance: A Ronan Mccullough Novel –  By: Eliot Parker





Best Fiction – Historical Fiction

1. Winner:  Valley of the Kings:  The 18th Dynasty – By:  Terrance Coffey
2. Finalist:  ‘290’:  A Novel of the American Civil War (Volume II: The Laird Gunboat) –  By: Donn Wonnell




Best Fiction – Juvenile

Peter1ResizeImageHandler.ashx51Ch23EmwFL._SL160_1. Winner:  Peter and the Black Hole – By:  Krystyna LaRose
2. Finalist:  3 Sprites and a Bed:  A Fairy Tale –  By: Sandra C. Addis




Best New – Fiction 

TLBIB COVER 300dpi51CJ9AS9HHL._SL160_1. Winner:  The Lilac Bush is Blooming – By:  Jan Surasky
2. Finalist:  Sizzlin’ Summer Surprise – By:  Alton J. Myers





Best Health

Pacific Book Review-Stop51F16X4vNCL._SL160_
1. Winner:  Stop the Diet, I Want To Get Off- By:  Lisa Tillinger Johansen
2. Finalist:  Epsom Salt – By: Lilian Welles




Best Inspirational
5172oL3KSaL._SL160_41ZlvUXpzhL._SL160_1. Winner:  Beyond Happy – By:  Beth Cabrera
2. Finalist:  Memories:  Expression from the Word – By:  Rose Love





Best Memoir

Resize Good GlobeSentiment-ResizeImageHandler.ashx1. Winner:  Good Globe:  Time for a Change of Hemisphere – By: Shelby Simpson
2. Finalist:   Sentiment: A Memoir – By: Cheryl Krkoc





Best Middle Grade

51GgpAnnTHL._SL160_51Zh8x0XjbL._SL160_1. Winner:  Angus Adams – By:  Lee. M. Winter
2. Finalist:   Magora:  The Golden Maple Tree (Book 2) – By: Marc Remus





Best Mystery

419Xy62N3JL._SL160_51RZVVRPNCL._SL160_1. Winner:  Nightmare in the Limbo of Halloween – By: Behzad Almasi
2. Finalist:   Stabbing in the Senate (A Washington Whodunit) – By: Colleen Shogan





Best New Non-Fiction


1. Winner:  A Walk Through Minden: In the Lives of the Crone and Vegh Families – By:  Lillian (Sissy Crone) Frazer
2. Finalist:  Spark Joy – By:  Marie Kondo




Best Non-Fiction

1. Winner:  Don’t Sweep It Under the Drug! – By:  Dr. Cathy Rosenbaum
2. Finalist:  Girls Who Rocked the World – By:  Michelle Roehm McCann & Amelie Welden




Best Paranormal

51pEMzExHyL._SL160_41nP-BNKkVL._SL160_1. Winner:  Where Death Speaks – By: Ronnie Stich
2. Finalist:   A Shade of Vampire – By:  Bella Forrest




Best Parenting – Family

51jbPQHtvLL._SL160_41nf7a3RV0L._SL160_1. Winner:  The Mommy-Go-Round – By:  Eleanor Alspaugh
2. Finalist:  Creating Peace of Mind – By:  Jill M. Reid




Best Philosophy

41AxrblZdQL._SX365_BO1,204,203,200_41PtEMUx50L._SL160_1. Winner:  The Author -or- The Characters’ Short Living Story – By:  Facundo Raganato
2. Finalist:  The Little Philosophy Book – By:  Robert C. Solomon




Best Poetry

1. Winner:  Postcards From Poland – By:  Joseph Kuhn Carey
2. Finalist:  Shifting Tides – By:  Carroll Blair




Best Political
51oH6ruko+L._SL160_51pr++3SqyL._SL160_1. Winner:  Democracy on the Edge:  A Discussion of Political Issues in America – By:  Terry AmRhein
2. Finalist:  The Crossroads of Space and Time – By:  Charles & Irene Nickerson





Best Romance
PacificBookReview-YouandIThin Space - Pacific Book Review1. Winner:  You and I:  The Kate and Robert Chronicles  – By:  Suzanne Eglington
2. Finalist:  Thin Space – By:  Annette K. Collins





Best Science-Fiction
411N6eLIcoL._SL160_41jEVd8lXWL._SL160_1. Winner:  Pharaohs of the Sky – By:  Robert L. Ballantyne
2. Finalist:  The Digital Now  – By:  Roland Allnach




Best Self – Help
1. Winner:  90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet  – By:  Felice Cohen
2. Finalist:  Enjoy Stress:  Ready? Get Power! Searching for usable simplicity? Don’t drown in advice and details – By:  Stanley E. Abbott



Best Short Stories

Copyright 2015 Petra March. All rights reserved.51fPvKKo5TL._SL160_

1. Winner:  All the Skies I Will Not See – By:  Petra March
2. Finalist:  Long Story Short:  Ten-Minute Devotionals to Draw Your Family to God – By:  Marty Machowski





Best Spirituality – Religious
41PiyGSfbWL._SL160_41cD9hAkYlL._SL160_1. Winner:  Walking with God – By:  Dr. Stephen A. Gammon
2. Finalist:  Climbing with Abraham – By:  David Ramos




Best Suspense
51a+MiGUyJL._SL160_41sRbQLDp2L._SL160_1. Winner:  Twin River III:  A Death at Valley Forge – By:  Michael Fields
2. Finalist:  Until It’s All Over – By:  Terry L. Kemp





Best Thriller
1. Winner:  Veil of Deception- By:  Michael Byars Lewis
2. Finalist:  God of the Internet – By: Lynn Lipinski





Best Travel
41BquD0KxlL._SL160_514J7mDTuNL._SL160_1. Winner:  Seasons of Sand Sahara – By:  Ernst Aebi
2. Finalist:  Everywoman’s Travel Journal – By:  Ten Speed Press Staff





Best Young Adult

41SSIYbE2LL._SL160_51QlRNphMuL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_1. Winner:  Winter – By:  Marissa Meyer
2. Finalist:   Stanley Brambles and the Lost City – By:  Owen Spendlove