Title: Ageless MirrorAthlete™: Overweight and Unfit No More

Title: Ageless Mirror Athlete™: Overweight and Unfit No More Author: Mark T. Woodard Publisher: iUniverse ISBN: 978-1-5320-5373-3 Genre: Health and Fitness Pages: 367 Reviewed by: Allison Walker Read Book Review […]

The Self-Coached Runner

Title: The Self-Coached Runner Author: Karen S. Perinchief Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-5462-3588-0 Pages: 110 Genre: Health/Fitness Reviewed by: Carl Conrad Read Book Review […]

100 Physical Education Activities

Title: 100 Physical Education Activities Author: Denis O’Driscoll Publisher: AuthorHouse ISBN: 978-1-4969-8447-0 Pages: 48 Genre: Health & Fitness Reviewed by: Marci Goodman Read Book Review […]

The Tantra Connection

Title: The Tantra Connection: Healing Through Cosmic Interface Author: Monika Müller Publisher: Toplink Publishing, LLC ISBN: 978-1-948779-00-5 Pages: 232 Genre: Health, Education, Relationships Reviewed by: Ella Vincent Read Book Review […]

Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal

Title: Blood Pressure Monitoring Journal: A Hypertension Diary and Activity Log, Volume II Author: Milton Lee, Ph.D. & Joyce Lee, Ph.D. Publisher: XlibrisUS ISBN: 978-1-5434-6946-2 Pages: 326 Genre: Health, Fitness and Diet Reviewed by: Allison Walker Read Book Review […]

The Conquest of Cancer

Title: The Conquest of Cancer: A Long-Ignored Breakthrough: Autologous Tissue Anticancer Immunization Therapy Author: Vladimir Kalina Publisher: AuthorhouseUK ISBN: 9781524679224 Pages: 356 Genre: Non-Fiction / Health – Medical Reviewed by: Gillian Pemberton Read Book Review […]