Title: The Strong Delusion: Invasion of an Otherworldly Islam
Author: John W. Milor
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781532014451
Pages: 402
Genre: Religion

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John Milor’s fascinating work is based on the Bible telling of a powerful deception that will overshadow the Earth, a deception so intense that only those with a genuine love relationship with God will be able to endure it. Events from the author’s own life, including a series of supernatural encounters, have revealed some key components of this “strong delusion,” which he believes will initiate a grand display of open contact with extraterrestrials. It will also involve the global rise of Islam. It’s no mistake that the faiths of four billion people (Christians and Muslims) include two versions of prophetic visions that are nearly identical, yet they represent opposite sides of a global conflict that will end in the Battle of Armageddon. This book delves into myriad topics, including: • Encounters with angels, otherworldly beings, and Jesus Christ; • Encounters with demons, ghosts, nephilim, jinns, and mythical creatures; • The Bible’s explanation of ET “good guys” and “bad guys;” • The Qur’an and Hadiths ET connection: • Was Muhammad abducted as a boy, and operated on? • Was the angel that abducted Muhammad really Gabriel? • Were the mysterious jinns of Islam actually surviving nephilim? • Is the Qur’an and Hadith’s ideology specifically tailored for the Antichrist? These and other topics harken to ancient times and peer into a not-too-distant future, when the author believes we will see a return to the days of Noah, as prophesied by Jesus.

About the Author

John Milor, an author and speaker who explores paranormal phenomena from a biblical perspective, has written several books, including The Eaglestar Prophecy and Aliens and the Antichrist as well as articles in a variety of publications. He has made guest appearances on radio talk shows and holds several academic degrees. Milor lives with his family in Fresno, California.

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