Title: Erafeen: The Jestivan (Book One)
Author: David F. Farris
Publisher: The Jestivan
ISBN: 978-0692606407
Pages: 296
Genre: Fantasy

Reviewed by: Ella Vincent


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Erafeen: The Jestivan is part of a mythical world that holds many secrets. David F. Farris has created a novel that will take readers on a journey to a mystical world they will enjoy.

In the school of Phesaw, there is a school in the heart of the mythical realm of the Light Realm. Ten students from Phesaw, including a loner named Bryson, becomes the Jestivan, a group of elite students that have to search for a fellow missing student. Kuki Sphaira’s 10 kingdoms are at war, so there is a lot of conflict to overcome while they are on their journey. The Jestivan have to find one of their own and end a lot of conflict in order to save themselves and the world of the Light Realm.

Erafeen is a novel that has a lot of action, suspense, and humor.   Bryson is a likable underdog who readers will cheer for throughout the novel. The female characters are also very relatable and powerful, a rarity in fantasy novels. Characters like Rhyparia and Jilly offer strength and wisdom while fighting alongside Bryson and the other members of the Jestivan. Meow Meow, a talking cat, also adds much levity to the action and drama of the novel. The camaraderie of the Jestivan is also an engaging part of Erafeen’s charm. The action scenes in the novel are also compelling and draw the reader in instantly.

The mythical world of the Light Realm is also vividly portrayed in this novel. Kuki Sphaira’s kingdoms are described with such stunning visual imagery that the reader can easily imagine themselves in the Light Realm. Farris’ writing easily fits into the fantasy genre. Fans of Harry Potter will enjoy reading about the special powers that the members of the Jestivan have. Just as readers of J.K. Rowling wish they could cast spells and perform apparitions at Hogwarts like Harry and Hermione, readers of Erafeen will want to have Jilly’s wind power or Bryson’s electricity at Phesaw. The action sequences also recall the battles in Lord of the Rings.  The influence of J.R.R. Tolkien’s writing can definitely be noticed in Farris’ descriptions of the Jestivan’s battles.

Erafeen would be perfect for school libraries and young adult collections in public libraries. Like many other fantasy novels, the book also has broad appeal with adults, so Erafeen can be read with the whole family.

Erafeen: The Jestivan is an enchanting story that readers will love. David F. Farris will take readers on a fascinating trip they won’t forget and will be eager to await more stories from the brave Jestivan.